For the first time carreer counselling can now be done through games. You can buy it

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img_20181019_082527-min.jpgCareer counselling is a key need for better skill development. CEMCA in collaboration with UNDP developed a Career Guidance kit. This kit comprises of –

  1. 200 career cards covering 37 Industry sectors, carefully chosen from over 3000 Job Roles defined by Sector Skill Councils formed under the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)
  2. 40 Self-awareness cards based on John Holland’s RIASEC Model that help the young adults introspect their personal preferences and understand their occupational personalities
  3. 15 games documented in an Activity Guide to be used by facilitator who plays these games with the young adults in groups of 30-40 over 6-8 months

This kit is based on the principles of “Activity Based Learning” and creates a pull from the learner. None of the sessions are delivered in a lecture mode and it forces the young adult to indulge in self-discovery.

The kit will be made available through CEMCA’s designated partner and there will be initial training provided to master trainers on how to administer the kit to young adults.

Few sample cards are as follows: